Health and Safety

Everyone at Michael Baker has an active role in health and safety, no matter their location or job function. We achieve the highest level of health and safety by providing the latest equipment, thorough procedures and training that educates employees about how to identify and avoid potential hazards. Our commitment to safety is supported by our corporate Health and Safety Policy Statement.

Demonstrated Success

We are proud of our exemplary safety record and ability to maintain rates below the industry average for engineering services per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Employee Safety Empowerment

Michael Baker employees are required to complete mandatory Health and Safety trainings related to their specific roles. Also, the Michael Baker Health and Safety Department offers a variety of in-class safety trainings to meet our evolving safety needs.

In the field, our project managers proactively assess the hazards of their projects and ensure that their team members have the proper health and safety trainings completed, giving them the knowledge and skills to work safely in the face of hazards. Additionally, all Health and Safety Plans contain thorough and distinct guidelines for all team members, along with detailed directions on how to handle emergency situations.

Recognizing Excellence in Safety: S.L.A.M. Awards

Stop Look Asses Manage

Our Stop, Look, Assess, Manage (S.L.A.M.) Safety Award is an annual program recognizing a project team, service group or office that improved a safety process, contributed to our safety culture and achieved outstanding safety performance over a significant period of time.

Past Winners

S.L.A.M Construction Services Winner
SEPTA Elwyn to Wawa Restoration Project
Middleton Township, Pennsylvania

As construction manager, Michael Baker worked with the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA), the contractor and the designer of record on the $198 million Elwyn to Wawa Restoration project. The effort restored more than 3.5 miles of regional rail service, including four bridges, five culverts, a new pedestrian culvert, an overhead catenary system, stormwater management measures and geotechnical slope stabilization features. 

Michael Baker’s safety measures included regular crane inspections, site-specific work plans and pre-installation and pre-lift crane meetings. Safety updates were shared at project progress meetings. Protections and rules were established in compliance with SEPTA requirements, encompassing foul time management, qualified flagger support and specific construction sequencing. Strategic adjustments were made to the project schedule and scope of work between phases to minimize active track hazards. 


S.L.A.M. Field Services Winner
Santa Ana Construction Stormwater
Santa Ana, California

In 2020, the Apple Fire caused severe damage to the San Gorgonio Flowline No. 1 Hydroelectric Facility, located in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties, California. This facility provides the primary water source to the Banning Bench Community, an unincorporated area disconnected from the City of Banning. The Michael Baker team served as the stormwater and erosion and sediment control expert for the project during its repair.

The area is associated with numerous safety hazards, including extreme weather, harsh terrain, wildlife, heavy equipment, hazardous materials, helicopter activity and limited cell phone service. Michael Baker executed a thorough safety plan that included personal protective equipment specific to the needs of the project, training, signage, site inspections, open communication and a system of continuous improvement. 

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