Leveraging Technology to Add Value

For over 80 years, Michael Baker International has pushed the envelope in the engineering and geospatial industries. We are focused on technology differentiation and innovation by leveraging leading-edge technologies to deliver highly sophisticated results for clients.


Dan Kieny

President, Consulting and Technology Solutions


Aerial Technologies

Efficiently collect and operationalize valuable information through Michael Baker’s Aerial Technologies Practice. Our team leverages expert pilots, community engagement specialists and subject matter experts to successfully implement the latest aerial technologies and solutions.


For over 80 years, Michael Baker has been a leader in engineering and infrastructure. We support all levels of government and community organizations through broadband project identification, access to funding, and initiatives designed to provide affordable and equitable access to broadband and related digital devices. 


DATAMARK is the go-to authority on Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data for public safety, supporting addressing authorities, Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) and GIS analysts in the successful transition to Next Generation 9-1-1. Its data-forward, purpose-built and configurable solutions provide the highest levels of public safety GIS data completeness and accuracy needed to support the requirements for any NG9-1-1 system. 

Digital Solutions

Multiply the workforce, create efficiencies and make data-driven decisions through Michael Baker’s Digital Solutions Practice. Our team is focused on technology differentiation and innovation by leveraging leading-edge technologies to deliver highly sophisticated results for clients. 

Geospatial Solutions

Geospatially enhance, visualize and streamline complex projects with Michael Baker’s team of over 200 geographic information systems (GIS) and technology professionals. Our Geospatial Services Practice leverages the latest technology to enable data-driven decision making for clients. 

Indoor Mapping

Reimagine indoor spatial data in 2D or 3D through Michael Baker’s Indoor Mapping Practice. Our suite of offerings enables clients to collect, maintain and operationalize geospatial information that transitions seamlessly from exterior to interior spaces. 

LiDAR Solutions

Michael Baker’s LiDAR Center of Excellence continues its spirit of innovation by deploying the latest LiDAR technology to map your world inside and out. Whether aerial, mobile, static or wearable, our innovative solutions provide safer, complete and cost-effective access to engineering, surveying, mapping and architectural deliverables.

Mobility Technology Solutions

How we move people and goods has increasingly become more connected and integrated. Michael Baker is at the leading edge of this transformation, offering advanced mobility solutions transportation technology solutions that improve safety, mobility and accessibility of system users.

Pavement Services

Michael Baker provides a full range of pavement services, including inventory, evaluation, management, analysis and sustainability/resiliency planning for pavement infrastructure assets. Our technology-based approach provides scalable solutions for complete pavement data collection, assessment, design and life cycle cost analysis (LCCA) fit for municipal, state, federal, military and private entity infrastructure owners.

Virtual Design and Construction

Embrace the digital landscape through Michael Baker’s Building Information Modeling (BIM) for Infrastructure Practice. Leverage these digital models to enable high-quality, low-risk solutions for the creation and management of data for design, construction, and operations processes.



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