Resilience and Sustainability Services

At Michael Baker, our employees are passionate about creating lasting environmental and social impact through the projects we deliver. We have a long history of providing resilience and sustainability services across all sectors, markets, disciplines, geographies and project life cycles – as part of integrated project and program delivery, as well as stand-alone or complementary services.

By protecting, improving and strengthening systems and infrastructure, we thoughtfully address emerging risks and improve the ability of a facility, system or organization to operate in an efficient, sustainable and resilient manner. From planning to project delivery, we consider the social, economic and environmental impacts of our work. Applying industry best practices, we help our clients:

  • Identify and address key risks to their organizations, facilities, or infrastructure.
  • Define and meet resilience and sustainability goals and targets.
  • Interpret and address changing regulatory requirements, policies, and directives.
  • Develop and implement mitigation and adaptation strategies and plans that align projects to funding mechanisms.
  • Recommend, engineer, and design resource efficiencies.
  • Protect and enhance natural resources, while minimizing environmental and social impacts.
  • Develop strategies to reduce waste, emissions and life-cycle costs.
  • Provide net-positive impacts for communities.

"In the face of a broader range of threats and hazards to organizations, social, economic and political systems, as well as the natural and built environment, we are assessing risks and developing and implementing solutions to mitigate and adapt to a changing world. Every day, we seek to address these risks while creating greater value for our clients and positively impacting the environment and our communities."

Elizabeth Bradford

M.S., ENV SP, National Resilience and Sustainability Lead - Elizabeth has nearly three decades of experience across a broad range of sectors and services, helping organizations implement frameworks and tools that translate sustainability and resilience strategy into individual ownership and action. She is passionate about helping clients and our environment.


Elizabeth J. Bradford, MS, ENV SP

National Resilience and Sustainability Lead


Niek Veraart, AICP, ASLA, ENV SP

National Practice Lead, Planning


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