Apple Valley Local Roadway Safety Plan and Town-Wide School Zone Analysis

Apple Valley, California

Michael Baker served as the lead consultant for the Apple Valley Local Roadway Safety Plan (LRSP) and Town-Wide School Zone Analysis project. Apple Valley, California, a town of more than 75,000 in California’s San Bernadino Valley, is committed to improving transportation safety. The goal of this project was to reduce the risk of fatalities and injuries resulting from collisions on transportation systems and in areas with heavy pedestrian traffic.

The LRSP evaluated the top systemic collision patterns and top collision locations throughout the town, including areas surrounding schools, parks and commercial facilities based on collected collision data. It included a comprehensive analysis of the 17 schools within the town boundary, including the Apple Valley Unified School District (AVUSD) and private and charter schools.

Michael Baker used aerial photos, reference documents, Google Earth and construction drawings to populate a geographic information systems (GIS) database using ArcGIS. The team then configured and used an ArcGIS mobile application to provide the project staff with a streamlined field verification and record management process to field review existing school zone traffic control features. Each school zone throughout the district had different signage and lacked uniformity. The review results were used to establish baseline conditions for determining standard compliance for school zone traffic control features, which enhanced safety for pedestrians and drivers.

Additionally, the LRSP outlined the process of addressing challenges throughout the study corridors and provided recommendations and countermeasures to consider for future implementation. A portion of the LRSP included seven project alternatives totaling $7.19 million and are anticipated to provide the town with more than $90 million worth of safety improvement benefits. The LRSP provided current and future improvements to overall traffic operations, pedestrian accessibility and roadway network layout for all modes of transportation. The LRSP is a valuable living document that can be adjusted and amended as infrastructure needs change over time.

Recognizing the success of the project, the American Council of Engineering Companies of California honored it with a Commendation Award in its annual Engineering Excellence Awards.


“The overall goal of the LRSP is to reduce fatalities and injury collisions at high frequency locations in the town, particularly areas where low-cost countermeasures are applicable and sites with similar systemic risk characteristics. The seven project alternatives identified through the course of the LSRP will do just this, ultimately improving safety throughout the community today and in the future.”

- Project Manager

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