AT&T West GIS Land Base Creation and Maintenance

California and Nevada

Michael Baker provides creation and enhancement services to AT&T West GIS for its accurate street centerline and land base database. The digital land base construction and enhancement integrates five primary sources of information into the geodatabase: land base data showing various attributes, including street centerlines, hydrology, railroads and other cultural elements and political boundaries.

The database was initially constructed from Census Bureau Topographically Integrated Geographic Encoding and Referencing (TIGER) data. Michael Baker actively updates the TIGER system's files using hundreds of licensed data sources from counties or municipalities, the insurance and real estate industries, AT&T's internal databases for customer address/service locations and other sources. Our team provides complete metadata records and verifies accuracy by field verification and GPS.

Following the initial build, the program has transitioned to a significant data capture and maintenance initiative. Approximately 800 tract maps per month are processed to keep the land base current. Current and accurate digital ortho-imagery is obtained to assist engineers in the design of new parcels to update existing service. Michael Baker has co-located staff on-site with AT&T to support the maintenance of the enterprise GIS architecture for the entire land base, which covers 266,000 square miles, with approximately 962,000 parcels in Nevada and 10.6 million parcels in California.


“Michael Baker helps AT&T maintain a truly seamless, spatially-accurate digital map, ensuring that the data can be used for a variety of business purposes across California and Nevada.”

Polly B.
Project Manager

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