Bus Rapid Transit Traffic Signal Prioritization

Provo-Orem, Utah

Provo-Orem, Utah, has a three-year population growth of more than 7 percent and was named second best place in the United State to invest in housing by Forbes magazine in 2018. Like many growing U.S. cities looking for innovative ways to improve transportation for its citizens, Provo-Orem is implementing a new Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system.

Michael Baker prepared traffic signal modifications and Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) communication plans for a new BRT signal prioritization system. Our design included removal of all existing signals, including poles and foundations and the installation of new signals, traffic cabinets and traffic signal equipment including controllers on nine intersections on the BRT line. We also installed new CCTV equipment and Bus Prioritization Modules along the corridor. Our ATMS improvement plans included design for installation of new fiber-optic cable along the City of Orem segment of the BRT corridor.

Provo-Orem’s BRT route includes heavily-traveled locations such as Utah Valley University, Brigham Young University, major shopping locations and popular dining spots.


“This project provides separation between buses, vehicles and pedestrians while maximizing the flow of traffic to get people where they're going safe and efficiently. Collaborating with the Utah Transit Authority (UTA), Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) and local cities to coordinate signal timing and design provided positive and effective results, making this project a huge success.”

Jason W.
Project Engineer

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