Hwy 212 Bayou Derriseaux Structures

Cleveland County, Arkansas

The Hwy 212 Bayou Derriseaux Structures project included the replacement of two closely located bridges – a main structure and relief structure – over Bayou Derriseaux on Highway 212 in Cleveland County, Arkansas.

The existing bridges were deemed necessary for replacement to improve the hydraulic capacity of the openings for both structures to comply with Arkansas Department of Transportation (ARDOT) standards, as well as to remove load limits.

The new integral bridges measure 143 feet by 33 feet and 241 feet by 33 feet, with both including two 11-foot-wide paved travel lanes with 4-foot-wide shoulders. The project also included approximately 1.9 acres of additional right of way and 2.5 acres of temporary construction easements.

Both the main structure and the relief structure are integral bridges, which offer several advantages. The bridge type is more durable than conventional bridges because of the continuity in the structure and elimination of expansion joints. Also, integral bridges require less maintenance, encounter fewer inspection problems, and offer superior structural and seismic performance and ride quality.

Michael Baker provided roadway and bridge design plans for the structures and approaches, along with hydraulic and geotechnical studies. The team also considered accelerated construction techniques and economic and feasibility studies to determine possible alternate design types.

Recognized for innovation, complexity, achievement and value, the project is an American Council of Engineering Companies of Arkansas Engineering Excellence Award winner in the Structural Systems category.


“We were able to overcome several complexities on this project, including poor soil conditions and difficult access in the marshy wetland conditions, to bring the structures up to current ARDOT standards and improve safety and mobility for the traveling public.”

-Project Manager

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