West Point Clinton District Area Development Plan

West Point, New York

West Point Military Academy at West Point, New York, posed unique master planning opportunities as the only Army post to combine both a historic garrison (dating to pre-Revolutionary War times) and a college campus. West Point supports more than 4,000 Corps of Cadets, as well as faculty, coaches and staff. The West Point Clinton District Area Development Plan (ADP) successfully integrated campus planning into the overall Academy strategic planning initiatives and was completed through a collaborative process to  create a stakeholder-driven campus master plan.

Over the past several years, various members of the garrison and academic staffs at West Point have visited other college campuses across the country to assess best practices of innovation and design that inspire academic and athletic excellence. These observations were invaluable in the West Point planning process, including the provision of dining and recreation options, and club activities that enhance the overall academic experience for individual students.

The West Point Clinton District ADP successfully incorporated these elements into a comprehensive, realistic vision for the future of this important academic district. The project also enhances the built environment and provides a safe and attractive campus for the community, while balancing a military and collegiate feel that has come to be expected at West Point. Our plan creates a pedestrian-centric design that provides connected, accessible facilities and spaces with modern, reliable infrastructure.

The West Point Clinton District ADP recently won the American Planning Association’s Federal Planning Division Honor Award in the Outstanding Area/Site Development Plan category.

Standard of Excellence

“The ADP for West Point’s Clinton District was a truly unique experience and an amazing opportunity for our team. Formulating a development plan for an area rich in history came with its challenges and unique possibilities. Historical context, steep terrain, limited developable land, and numerous functions all calling the Clinton District home were elements making this ADP a complex project. This plan ensures West Point continues to grow and evolve as a premier military academy and high-profile military installation.”

Rachael R.
Department Manager – Planning

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